Ok, this is what's about to happen.

Once you purchase this one on one mentoring we are going work together to kickstart that course of yours. 

Over 3 fifty minute sessions we are going to really nut out that plan and content. We are going to work together to get that course dream of yours out of your head and making a big impact in the work. 

No guess work, no flapping around hoping you're doing it right. It's time to get serious and make sure your course sets your learners up for success. 

What you get: 

  • 3 x fifty minute Zoom chats with me. They can be done consecutively or spaced over three weeks.
  • An understanding of how you learn and how that affects your teaching style
  • Messenger access for one month
  • One month free access to 'Course Club'. 

This mentoring package has been designed to help you hit the ground running with your next (or first) course. 


Let's work together.

It's time to launch your successful course.

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