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For the teacher in you. 

Course club is a hub for professional development in all things course related. Surround yourself with content, mini trainings, weekly workshops and group mentoring. 

For the leaner in you.
Share your ideas and discoveries with other like minded course creating business babes. Practice your skills, brainstorm with others, pitch ideas, form networks and collaborations. 

For the content creator in you.
Hanging out with link minded people gives you endless access to new content ideas. Share stories, learn form others and have your mind constantly ticking over. 

We are always searching for a place to belong. Seeking 'our people'. People who understand, can support and motivate us to be our best. That's what Course Club is.

Are you creating short courses? 

Hang out with some like minded people. 

What's included:

  • Weekly workshops, missions and tips
  • Supportive community of like minded course creators
  • Accountability 
  • Bonus behind the scenes content
  • Access to mini courses 

Monthly subscription

Simply monthly payments automatically deducted. Cancel any time.

You know whats worse than FoMo?

Actually missing out! Don't wait. Join the club to get instant access into Course Club and access to free training and workshops.

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